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Yes, near the waterfall near the Elite 4. Corsola has about a 10% appearance rate which is considerably low. Using the super rod, go to the lower part of Evergrande City in the small pond above the waterfall and continually fish. Corsola should appear within about 5 minutes between lvl 30-35.

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Q: Can Corsola be found in Pokemon Emerald?
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Where can Corsola be found in Emerald?

corsola is acctually one of the Pokemon you cant get in Pokemon emerald. sorry! actually...luvdisc can be found at the waterfall in ever grande city...don't go down the waterfall just the little pondish can also get a corsola there too! You can go down the waterfall. It doesn't matter where in route 128 you are, but you have to use a rod to get it.

What Pokemon is number 180 in Ruby sapphire and Emerald?


Does Corsola evolve in Pokemon Emerald?

No, It never evolves in any version...

How do you catch corsola in Pokemon FireRed?

you can only get corsola in emerald I believe you can also get one in ruby in a trade in pacificlodge town for a bellossum

What rod you catch corsola in Pokemon emerald?

you use the good rod in a river or somewhere :/

Where can you find a redshard in emerald pokemon?

In emerald, you can find red shards underwater in certain locations. They can also be held by wild Corsola.

Where is corsola in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can only get a Corsola by trading it from Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald. You can find Corsola in RSE by fishing in Route 128 (super rod), and by fishing at Ever Grande City (super rod)

In Pokemon diamond is the Pokemon from the battle tower added to youre nationaldex?

No I can prove it too I battled a corsola (unseen at the time) looked in my Pok'edex and no Corsola to be found

In Pokemon Emerald is it possible to breed a male corsola with a female marill to make a marill with recover?

No. Its imposible, sorry.

How does corsola envole in Pokemon shapphire?

Corsola doesn't evolve.

Does corsola evolve in Pokemon sapphire?

Corsola does not evolve. Sorry

What level does Corsola evolve in Pokemon ruby version?

Corsola is one of the few Pokemon that doesn't have an evolution.

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