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Not online but in regular multiplayer you can

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Q: Can 2 people play cod modern warfare 2 on 1 PS3 at the same time?
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Can two people play online when they are on the same xbox on modern warfare 2?


Can two people play on line on the same console on call of duty modern warfare two?

nope =D

Can two people play each other online with one having cod modern warfare while the other has modern warfare 2 on xbox 360?

No you must both have the same game.

Can you play call of duty modern warfare 2 on PS3 online with 2 people on the same system?

yes u can

Is modern warfare 2 reflex the same as modern warfare 2?

Modern warfare reflex and modern warfare are the same. Modern warfare "reflex" means that its for wii. If its just modern warfare its for the other consoles

Can you play multiplayer on modern warfare on the same screen?

Unfortunately no, you can't play multiplayer on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1 or on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on the same screen. But on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare Black Ops you can play multiplayer on the same screen. There is an new Call of Duty Black Ops 2 coming out soon though, so I expect that to also have that feature, since its newer.

How do you play call of duty modern warfare 2 for PS3 with 2 people on the same console?

go to multiplayer then split screan

Can 2 people play Xbox live public match in cod modern warfare 2 on the same Xbox?

Yes. They can play with up to 4 I believe on one xbox 360 with other people

Can to people play online on the same x-box?

It depends on the game like modern warfare 2 you cannot, but for games like left 4 dead you can

Can you play Modern Warfare 2 Xbox Live Multiplayer with 2 people from the same console?

I'm pretty sure you can... I know for sure you can on CoD BLOPs.

Is cod modern warfare 2 the same as the 4th one?

Modern Warfare 2 is made by the same developers as the fourth Call of Duty (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare), but is not the same game. Both games are modern so some parts may be the same.

Will modern warfare 3 have the same guns as modern warfare 2?

Yes, plus more.