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no because blue eyes is a old card plus duelist of the roses is based around black rose dragon.u should only have 1 main card in a deck


Previous poster was an idiot.

This game was released in 1996. It does not focus around Black Rose Dragon so he should know what he's talking about.

You can get Blue Eyes White Dragon as a rare slot reel when you get 3 in a row.

If you don't know the answer, don't answer the question.

Yes, you can get the blue eyes white dragon in the slot machine , 3 in a row, like the giant flea from Weevil, or the monster egg from Tristan. but you have to kill that specific monster so it can show up in the slot machine. Ive done it already.

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Q: Blue eyes whit dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh duelist of the roses?
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How do you get a blue eyes ultimate dragon in yugioh the duelist of roses?

you gotta get 3 of them then get the ritual card from kaiba.

Can you duplicate the blue eyes white dragon in yugioh duelists of the roses?

You can duplicate any card in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelist of the Roses. Duplicating a card such as the Blue Eyes White Dragon would be very useful for the game.

Can you duplicate blue eyes white dragon in the game yugioh duelists of the roses?

No you can not duplicate blues eyes white dragon

Whats the password for Blue eyes ultimate dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh the duelist of roses?

mandame todos los codigos de los mas poderosas cartas de yugioh duelid of the roses (espanish please ).............mande todos OS códigos das cartas raras

Whats the password for blue eyesultimate in duelist of the roses?


How do you get into obelisk blue dorm in yugioh gx duel academy?

Be ranked elite duelist.

How do you get blue eye ultimate dragon in yugioh the duelist enternal soul?

you have to get the bue eyes ultimate dragon booster pack,buuuuut,i can tell u the code its:89631139 welcome any more code or Q's abuot this game just ask

What is the blue-eyes white dragon card passcode in yu-gi-oh duelist of the roses?

no one knows because its an old game and u will see it when u kick kibas a**

What is the code for blue eyes ultimate dragon in yugioh the eternal duelist soul?

23995346; for an more card codes and the com plete list, go to this website:

How do you become a obelisk blue on Yugioh gx duel academy?

you could be a member of obelisk blue by being a superior duelist (won 50 duels and completed at least 50 timed duels.)

Can you get blue eyes toon dragon on duelists of the roses?

No. You are not able to get Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon. Which makes perfect sense. Seeing as this game took place in ancient Egypt. Seeing as Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon didn't come into existence until Seto Kaiba faces Pegasus in modern times, but is allied with Pegasus in the game.

What is the attack power of blue eyes shining dragon in yugioh?

Blue Eys White Dragon ATK 3000 DEF 2500