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On the second part and to get there quicker use xlr8 and press x,x,a and when u go over the wall with xlr8s speed don't jump keep going right then u see fire and as u should already know press a and hold it down while ur heatblast and there's ur suprise

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Q: Ben 10 ds where is the Mesa Verde sumo slammer card?
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How do you reach sumo slammer card in Area 51 for ben 10 protector of earth?

If you mean the last card in area 51, you must use Wildvine to reach the sumo slammer card.

Ben 10 ds bayou sumo slammer card?

you have to rtjgnhuaegruhyeuty

Ben10 plumber base sumo slammer card?

o ya

Where is the sumo slammer card in San Francisco of ben10 protecter of earth?

You have to use Cannonbolt to find all three Sumo Slammer Cards in San Francisco in Ben 10: Protector of Earth, or follow the floating Omnitrix points that will give you a Sumo Slamer Card.

In ben 10 protector of earth were is the 2nd card in the merciless?

For ps2, there are no sumo slammer cards

Where is the second sumo slammer card in Chicago lakefront in ben 10 protector of earth?

next to hamoude

Where is the sumo card in crater lake ben10 ps2?

well i don't know which sumo slammer card so ill tell you all of them 1.when you go up the stairs of leafs get the yellow things on the top move the box on the platform go up the ramp get the yellow things then get the sumo card 2.on the second stairs of leafs on the last left jump and get the sumo card 3.when you get to the sinking platforms go to the far end iin the back and get the sumo card on the platform in the back for more information on finding sumo slammer cards on this game please go to

How do you get the third sumo slammer card in ben 10 protector of earth on ds?

In the barn, you'll see 4 light thingie.. hit the 3rd switch then the 1st, then the 4th, and last the 2nd.. then the door will open.. use cannon bolt to roll up then you'll get the last sumo slammer card!!

Were is the last sumo slammer card in Area 51 on PS2?

when you get tom the bit with the moving platforms that go up and down get to the top hit the switch jump to the top when you get to the top just at the edge when you get up there the opposite end of the door to the elevator go wild vine jump and hold and swing till you see a sumo card on a platform get the card and there you have itfor more information on getting sumo slammer cards on this game go to

Where is the second sumo slammer card on Chicago lake front on Ben 10 protector of earth on Playstion portable?

byond a car

Where is the sumo slammer card in Area 51 of Ben 10 Protector of Earth?

On consoles, there's a roof you're on in one part right? On that roof, there's a big glass window that you fall through to continue the game. Use XLR8's speed to dash over it to find 1 Sumo Slammer Card. For the DS, I don't know.

Where is ben 10 sumo slammer cards on Toonix?

in the garden