Bad egg code

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i do not know it but happy cheating

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Q: Bad egg code
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What happens if a bad egg hatches?

if a bad egg hatches it can destroy your game that's why before entering a code always save the game before you use that code (i mean like almost every code is a bad egg friend had a bad egg but he was lucky he shut his game off and deleted the code (the best thing to do is never save when you have a bad egg or it will stay until you clone it!) sorry my sentence is so long.

Pokemon AR code bad egg heart gold?

You should never try to get a bad egg unless you have a AR. Since I think there is a code that can release bad eggs.

How long does it take to hatch an Arceus egg or bad egg?

I am pretty sure that you can't get an Arceus Egg and a Bad Egg is bad news. A Bad Egg can't hatch! You need to get an Action Replay, get a Cloning Code and replace that Bad Egg. Trust me. This is from personal experience.

How do you get bad egg on Pokemon pearl?

the bad egg is obtainable by action replay code but i wouldn't suggest getting it

Does the Pokerus action replay code for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl always give you a bad egg?

No it does not get you a bad egg

What is a bad egg in Pokemon HeartGold?

A bad egg is an egg that cannot be hatched, some refer it to a "spoiled egg". You mainly get this if you leave your egg in a PC box for to long. You can also get it by using a hacking code that does not work.

How do you remove a bad egg on Pokemon?

You can remove a bad egg its easy you need a action replay and the cloning Pokemon code then you clone one of your Pokemon with using the bad egg then its gone forever woo ho lol that's how to get rid of a bad egg

Is there a code to turn a bad egg to a good egg on Pokemon?

I don't beilive there is...unless I'm mistaking.

What is the gameshark code to get rid of bad egg in Pokemon emerald?


How do you get a bad egg on platinum?

Usually by hacking, and the code you use is wrong.Never try to get a Bad Egg, because it will corrupt your data! (And you can't get rid of it once you have it!)

How do you hatch a bad egg in Pokemon soul silver?

you need action replay, and find a code that will give u a almost hatched bad egg

How do you hatch a bad egg on Pokemon diamond?

i got a shaymin code and my shaymin turned into a bad egg!how do i hatch it? Yeah i saved turned it off and back on in like 5 minutes and my Giratina is some ''BAD EGG''!