Azure flute wont work

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Your Azure Flute won't work because you are in the wrong area to use it. If you are in the water swimming your Azure flute won't work.

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bom, voce esta area errada

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Felipe Marvin

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I'm not sure about that...

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Q: Azure flute wont work
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Why wont your azure flute work?

Here are 2 possibilities why it may not be working:You may have already used the Azure Flute previously.You are not at the top of Mt. Coronet/entrance of Spear Pillar.The Azure Flute should always work on the first attempt or you had a corrupted code that makes the game assume you already used it. Check the two possibilities and try again.

Can you get an azure flute with a lv100 chansey?

No, that does not work.

Can you get an azure flute by getting a lv100 chansey?

No, that does not work.

Pokemon pearl why wont the azure flute work?

u have to go to spear pillar (where u got palkia/dialga) and play it. then arceus appear!

Why won't the azure flute work?

If you used it once, then it should work. If you hacked or cheat to get another Azure Flute and went back to Mt. Coronet to where Dialga and Palkia were, you cannot be able to do it again. Make sure it was your first try using the Azure Flute and you are where the Hall of Origin is.

What do you have to do to make your azure flute work?

go to the place where you got dialga or palkia. then you use the azure flute .go upstairs and you will see arceus and click on it you will battle him.

Does flash work the same as the azure flute?

seriously?! no! why would you think that?!

How do you get the azule flute channel soul silver?

ANSWER:ok, first of all it's Azure Flute. To get the Azure flute you need to get the mystery gift OR you can cheat the Azure Flute with the action replay. I used the action replay cuz i couldn't get the mystery gift to work after i acquired it.

How do you work the azure flute code in platinum with action replay?

What you have to do with the Azure Flute,Is Go Back to the place where Giratina was,Use The Azure Flute,&then after you use it,there should be a long stairway case,Go Up and walk forward,& Then The ULTIMATE-LEGENDARY Pokemon Arcues Apperas :)

You have the azure flute in Pokemon platinum but you cant see arcius What is wrong?

you need to go to the spear pillar and stand on the thing that has a picture of a flute and press a then a shining staircase will appear go up it and you will see arceaus. wont work.

I used the Pokemon Diamond Action Replay code to rebattle Arceus right after I caught Dialga I went back and stepped on the flute platform but my Azure Flute didn't activate?

I have tried almost every action replay code for an azure flute, and all of them make the flute, but the flute does not work.

Pokemon platinum how does the azure flute code work?

hold lr then go into a pokemart