Are they coming out with a new Wii?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There is the Wii U coming out late in 2012.

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Q: Are they coming out with a new Wii?
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What new Mario games are coming out for Wii?

As of June 2014, there are no new Mario games coming out for Wii. Nintendo is focusing their new releases on the Wii U.

When in the world is the new Wii coming out and what is it actually going to be called?

The Wii U is coming out late in 2012

Is there a new Wii?

Yes, it's called WiiU coming out 2012

Will there be any new maps coming out for cod World at War Wii?


Are there any new sim wii games coming out soon?

yes there are there is sims 2 kingdom and sims animals and sims 3 might be coming out for Wii soon.

Is FIFA 14 coming out on the nintendo wii?

Because the Wii U has already come out, the possiblity of a new Fifa game for the Wii is extremely low.

When will new Super Mario Bros wii come out?

Its coming out in December 2009

What new wii games are coming out?

Yes! Your in luck just dance 2 is coming out on 15th October this year

When will the new super Mario Wii come out?

Nintendo has announced that New Super Mario Bros. Wii will be coming out in holiday 2009, so around christmas.

When will the Wii 2 be coming out?

i dont think there will be a wii 2 New User: actually there will be one in 2010. Month dont know

Is there a new Wii console coming out in the future?

As of right now nintendo has not announced such a thing.

Is there a Wii coming out?

The Black colored Wii is out in Japan and should be coming to the US soon.