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There is one private server in Alpha testing being regularly updated and improved by Essen, a veteran PSU player. I'm sure there are more in development. The website for the PSU private server by Essen is.

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Q: Are there private servers for phantasy star universe?
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Phantasy Star Universe happened in 2006.

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When was Phantasy Star Universe created?

Phantasy Star Universe was created on 2006-08-31.

What are the ratings and certificates for Phantasy Star Universe - 2006 VG?

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Phantasy star universe?

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Will Phantasy Star Universe ever be free?

No, sadly not.

Do you need to pay to play Phantasy Star Universe?


Where do you get the bone dance in phantasy star universe?

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What xbox 360 games are mmorpgs?

One that is most popular is Phantasy Star Universe. Its Free to play, it should say Phantasy Star Universe Demo. Its availble on Xbox Live.

Is there a phantasy star universe 3?

Yes, it is called Phantasy Star Portable. However, you CANNOT, and I repeat, CANNOT play online on it. It is for the PSP.

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