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If you surf from Pacifidlog town to the right from just the right place you end up at a open spot surrounded by shallow water with a dark spot in the middle. Dive on the dark spot and exit that room you land in. Go down and once you get to a weird pattern on the wall go back up to the surface. You should end up in the Sealed Chamber. There, if you click on the walls you will see a bunch of dots. That is the main secret i know of.

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Q: Are there hidden secrets on Pokemon Ruby?
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What are the secrets in ruby?

there are other secrets in pokemon ruby where you can find the four regis

Where are all the HMS in Pokemon ruby?

in bushes,with people, in caves, and hidden

Where do you get the hidden machine surf on Pokemon ruby?

in wally's house talk to his dad

In Pokemon ruby what is hidden near route 111 next to the winstrates house?

i was wondering the same thing if its a Pokemon

How can you get bagon in Pokemon ruby?

it's found in a remote location hidden in meteorite falls.

Where can you get a Gible in Pokemon Ruby?

It is not a selectable Pokémon in Ruby. If in doubt as to which characters are "4th generation" you can consult the Pokédex website. Gible didn't exist in the original Ruby game. In Pokemon Omega Ruby, however, you can catch a Gible (as a Hidden Pokemon) on Route 111.

Hidden move waterfalls in Pokemon ruby?

You must beat the last gym leader first.

Where to find heartscales in Pokemon Ruby?

Heartscales are hidden underwater you can also get some by catching luvdisc.

Where is the hidden hat in ruby and the ruby in club penguin?

there is no hidden hat

How does the move Hidden Power change its type in Pokemon Diamond?

No. That is a feature in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald only.

How get surf on Pokemon ruby?

You have to beat fantina after you beat five gym leaders, then you earn the hidden move surf.

How do you find what version Pokemon ruby is?

Pokemon ruby's version IS Pokemon ruby.