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Yes, but its very hard to fine them, InfinityWards is patching more and more everyday.

Cheats:Infinit Ammo, get out of maps if u consider that one, sometimes superjump,ect.

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Q: Are there cheats for modern warfare 2 campaign?
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Are there cheats for modern warfare?

I dont't believe there are cheats for Modern Warfare 2. There are glitches though.

Does modern warfare 3 have the intervention?

The intervention is not in modern warfare 3. Modern warfare 2 has the intervention.

What are the cheats for the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

There are these computer in ever y level on campaign mode . 1 is in the classroom the other is in the tank

Cheats for modern warfare 2?

No mate unfortunately not.

Cheats for modern warfare 2 on PS3?

there are none!!

How do you enter cheats for modern warfare 2?

There are no cheat's for modern warfare 2 only hacks and glitches, modern warfare 2 was made mainly for multiplayer and there are no cheats because they do not want everyone to have a massive advantage over everybody else.

What is a modern warfare cheat code?

There aren't any cheats in Modern Warfare 2, there is only modz

What are some cheats on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on DS?

there is no cheats sorry

Cheats for call of duty MW2 for xbox 360?

There are no cheats for modern warfare 2.

Do you have to play modern warfare to understand modern warfare 2?

Not really. The campaign will still not make sense, even if you played the first Modern Warfare.

How do you get gun attachments back on modern warfare 2?

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What cheat are on MW2?

There are no cheats in Modern Warfare 2. Sorry.