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No, sorry, I was wondering the same thing, but everywhere I looked just had the different weights your brain had to be to earn the different kinds of medals

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Q: Are there cheats for big brain academy?
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When did Big Brain Academy happen?

Big Brain Academy happened in 2005.

When was Big Brain Academy created?

Big Brain Academy was created on 2005-06-30.

Is the big brain academy better than brain training?

Brain training has more exercises but big brain academy is more family friendly.

What is the best possible score you can get in big brain academy?

the best score on bust brain academy is -999,999,999,999,999, !!!!

Did Big brain academy arrive before or after brain age?

it came before

Can you get big brain academy for 1 dollar?

probably not.

How do you save your game on big brain academy?

In big brain academy your game should save automatically. It only saves your heaviest brain weight and your top three practice scores for each activity.

Does Nintendo ds have memory games for adults?

Try Brain Age or Big Brain Academy...

When was Big Brain Academy released for the Nintendo DS?

Big Brain Academy was released for the Nintendo DS on June 5, 2006. A lot of people liked this "game" as they felt it challenged them in a lot of different ways.

How can I persuade your parents to buy big brain academy?

ask say your doing bad at school it worked for me

What are the cheats for brain splatter 2?

There are no cheats. Sorry

What are the best educational fun Ds games?

a) Brain training b) More Brain training c) Big Brain Academy d) Maths play DS e) Clever Kids farmyard fun f) 100 Classic Book Collection - NintendoDSg) Junior Brain Trainer h) Brain Assist - NintendoDS i) Brain challenge ds