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There are no hostile mobs in Peaceful difficulty mode on minecraft. Mobs such as creepers, skeletons, Zombies, Spiders and all other manner of hostile mobs do not spawn while Peaceful mode is active, though you will see (in dark places or at night) mobs attempting to spawn and immediately disappearing a millisecond after appearing. Mobs cannot attack you regardless unless another difficulty is triggered.

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Q: Are there any zombies in peaceful mode on minecraft?
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Why aren't there any mobs spawning in minecraft?

You may have your difficulty set to Peaceful. Monsters will not spawn in Peaceful mode.

Do monster spawners come back after switching from peaceful mode to easy mode in minecraft?

Yes. If you switch to peaceful, monster spawners will stay there, but they won't spawn any monsters.

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Any world on Peaceful........................

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Are there any monsters on creative mode on minecraft?

Yes, monsters appear in creative mode, but do not attack you unless you provoke them.

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You can. Your computer is wrong.

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