Are there any werewolf video games?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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sort of... in Zelda Twilight Princess, you will turn into a wolf to face callenges periodicly.

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Q: Are there any werewolf video games?
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Werewolf video games in development?

well i dont kow if any are out, but skyrm does have an awesome werewolf feature. You get to become a werewolf after u complete a quest.

Are there any good werewolf video games for x-box gamecube or 360 besides morrowind?

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess is a sensational Zelda AND werewolf game for GameCube.

Can you really become a werewolf?

In real life? No, those are just rumors. They only exist in the movies/video games.

Are there any werewolf games?

on a certain website either funnygames, armorgames, or bubblebox there will be a game called something like werewolf madness or something if I were you i go to google and type in werewolf games for whatever console you want to play on.

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Duck-Duck-Goose, Mafia/Werewolf.

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What are good Werewolf vs vampire games?

Vampire vs. Werewolf: The Game

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It is said that Video games improve someones reflexes.

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