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There are indeed. One trainer is at Route 208; his name is Hiker Alexander. The other one is in the northern part of Route 210, and his name is Ace Trainer Ernest.

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Q: Are there any trainers with a Probopass in platinum?
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What trainers have probopass in platinum?

There's supposed to be one somewhere near Hearthome City. Hope I helped :/

What Pokemon is 156 in Pokemon Platinum?

I think it is probopass. I . :) By the way- probopass: rock type pokemon ;)

Are there any trainers with a cascoon in platinum?

Team Galactic and other Trainers.

Where do you find probopas in Pokemon platinum?

You cannot find Probopass in order to catch it, the only way to catch Probopass is by catching a Nosepass in Mt. Coronet and evolving it there however if you want Probopass' data for the Sinnoh Dex then there are 2 trainers who have possession of it and they are Hiker Alexander who is within Route 209 and Ace Trainer Ernest who is on the south side of Route 210.

Do any trainers in Pokemon platinum have a mothim?

yes grass type trainers do

Do any of the trainers have Togepi in Pokemon platinum?


Which trainer has a probopass in platinum?

roark in battleground(survival area)

Does any trainers in Pokemon Platinum own a Deoxys?

no nobody in Pokemon platinum have a doexys.

Is there a trainer in Pokemon platinum with a probopass?

Yes, near Hearthome City.

Does any trainers in Pokemon Platinum own a togetic?

Yes. Cynthia, the champion.

Are there any trainers in Pokemon platinum that have a gallade?

No,but Elite 4 Lucian has 1.

Where do you see a probopass in Pokemon platinum?

you go to mount coronet and level up noespass