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Q: Are there any online games that don't require downloading?
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What is a good 3D avatar game without downloading?

Habbo hotel and runescape are both online interactive games that dont need downloading.

Where can you read i feel sick by jhonen vasquez online for free?

I dont know if you can read it online without downloading it..o.o

Does downloading games at cause virus?

i dont think so but, if i were you i would not try it.

Where can you download The Twilight Saga ebooks for free?

well.... i dont know about downloading but you can always read it online for

What are some of the online account games that don't include email addresses?

If you google armor games they do great flash games that dont require email address. try crush the castle 2 or toss the turtle for a start

Where can you play the Sims 2 online without downloading?

i dont think theres a place that you dont have to download theres places that you have to download and it might be free or you can just my the game

Are there games similar to Alicia online?

Howrse, but you dont download it.

Why dont games work on Linux Ubuntu?

Well, you have to make sure that the game you are downloading is completely compatible with linux at all. Make sure that whatever website the game is that you are downloading, includes that it does support linux computers.

What are some computer games that are fun and dont need downloading?

well 2 start there is smallworlds where you have your own 3d character and you have a home and pet.

Is a password valid if you dont download a game on a computer?

we need you to explain this question a little more, what do you mean valid and how does this relate to downloading games.

How do you get mari0 with out downloading it?

I dont think that is possible

Are there free Wii games downoads?

Yes on the wiiware go there search for demo and there u go. If u mean downloading full wii games from the internet , I dont think u can