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word woomp

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Q: Are there any online games similar to zwinky's alphapets or is this word game known by another name?
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Will zwinkys crash your computer?

Zwinkys are fully customizable cartoon avatars that are used in their own little online world or on social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace. You can change your Zwinkys apperance with different hair colors and styles, electronics, clothing, jewelry, pets and cosmetics. Newer items can be purchased in the Zwinktopia gaming universe using Zbucks, money that can be earned by playing a variety of games, visiting special Zwinktopia areas and inviting friends to join you in your quests. Learn everything you need to know at everything is pretty easy to understand there.. Zwinkys will run on most computers unless you got yours from your grandma ;]

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Computer hope and computer help both are websites where you can get help with your computer online. Myphonesupport is another site similar to the mentioned.

Is there a new online game similar to O2jam?

O2jam to similar game online new a there is?

How do you get never en cash on zwinky?

To earn zbucks on zwinky you have to play games. If you want to have zcard money you have to buy a gift card for in and enter you pin online or imput you credit card info to get it. I think the best games to earn zbucks are campus dash, pie oh my, and alphapets. :)

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Online games like roblox?

There are several online games similar to Roblox. Roblox's main competitor is Blockland, which is almost the same thing as Roblox with a few changes. Another game, Minecraft, is similar to Roblox in that it is a building game, but other than that it is very different.

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X3 Terran Conflict is similar but completely offline.

Does anyone know a website that will email you when another website comes back online similar to down for everyone or just me dot com but with notifications?


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Yes. is another site similar to tribalwars, but not as good. - Kingsage is also something like that, but I don't like it! - Imperia online is another one, but it is to complicated.

What do you do on Zwinky?

Zwinky is an online social network site based around customizing avatars known as Zwinkys. Players usually design their Zwinkys through a exclusive list of both physical features and clothing options that are acquired on Zwinky using currency known as Zbucks. When a player is not busy dressing up their Zwinky with the latest styles, they are probally interacting in themed chats and playing tons of games to earn the ever so popular Zbucks ( has great tips ) for more accessories. You to can create your own Zwinky character and join the Zwinktopia Community.

Are online insurance quotes similar to quotes from agencies?

In my opionion, no insurance quotes online are not similar to quotes from agencies. Agencies are more personable where online quotes are more in a generalized format.

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