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there might be now because there is a new campaign on Halo 3

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Q: Are there any mods for the campaign part of Halo apart from skin packs?
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Where can you download a elite mod for halo PC that works?

Can you play as an elite in halo reach?

Yes, you play as the Arbiter in certain halo 2 campaign levels. I believe there are mods too. You can also select Elita as a character model in halo 2 multiplayer.

What are the best mods for foc?

These mods are known for the quality (good textures/appearances) and quantity (lots of new stuff). RAW (Republic at war) ORAW (Old Republic at War) Star wars the Clone Wars mod Campaign Commander

In which halo game is the gravity hammer IE Halo Combat Evolved Halo Custom Edition Halo 2 Halo 3?

It is not in halo combat evolved proper, but you can probably get mods with a gravity hammer in it for halo custom edition. It is in halo 2 used by Tartarus but you cannot wield it. In halo 3 you can wield it i multiplayer and campaign. I have no idea about halo odst but it was not in the list of weapons not in odst so I imagine it is in there.

How do you download Halo 3 mods?

depends on what you're looking for. but most good mods in halo require a jtag. but a good site to look up mods is-

How do you download halo demo mods?

As of now the Halo: Reach beta is gone, your not going to be able to.

How do you get halo suit in oblivion?

Mods.... search halo armour oblivion

Can you be a grunt on halo reach?

You can in HALO 1 if you use mods, but it has to be on the computer.

How do you mod maps for halo on PC?

Yes. There are a lot of mods for Halo and Halo Trail on PC.

How do you get sonic mods on a halo?

See for mods like sonic for halo. It is only for Halo Custom Edition, but you can convert it to Trial or Retail with Pearl or Demo with Queene Anne's Revenge.

Are Halo Reach Mods Illegal?


Where can you download aim-bot for Halo 3?

Aimbots do not exist for Halo 3. There are mods for maps though. If you put mods on your file share, it is possible you will be banned though.