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Q: Are there any green mushrooms in the world?
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Why doesnt mushrooms have any green leaves?

They do not have green leaves because they are in the Fungi kingdom.

Why don't mushrooms not have any green leafs?

Because it is a vegetable that grows above the ground.

What is the exact cost for mushrooms?

green adventure

Which plant is not green?

mushrooms,blue colorado spuce

How do you find dejected green mushrooms in Maplestory?


Why doesn't the mushrooms have green leaves?

Because it isn't a plant.

Which place got more green mushroom in maple story?

You can find green mushrooms in henesys, ellinia

Why don't mushrooms need photosynthesis?

because it does not have green pigment chlorophyll

Do brown mushrooms grow in minecraft pocket edition In my world I can't find ANY brown mushrooms. I've found red ones but not brown ones. Do brown ones even grown?

Brown mushrooms DO grow but sometimes they might be hard to find

How do you find mushrooms on HorseIsle?

Mushrooms can be found all over the ground on the green grassy areas. (For more help check out:

What 5 foods have vitamins in them?

mushrooms , asparagus, green peas, tomato and cabbage.

Are there any deadly plants?