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Yes there are.Try Binweewils,weeworld or it can be moviestar world.

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Q: Are there any good games like woozworld?
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Are there any games like Woozworld?

yes there is it is called or habbo htel

Are there any games like woozworld but better?

yes becaue of ANIMAL JAM

Are there any games like Habbo Hotel but not cause im not old enough?


Is their any games like woozworld?

Well there isn't any game like woozworld BUT You should try these games, they are also like woozworld a little: omg heres a good one ok look woozworld is the best no website can replace it and if u play woozworld my name is bethan58 if u want to play woozworld dont write woggy world ( worst game ever ) u need to complete games about chat safty to chat omg BORING so write woozworld cause my friend wrote woggie world yea so WOOZWORLD not woggieworld ALSO BY ALEXIS RICHARDS (not author above) This one is not really like woozworld but it is my fave: Also on woozworld my user is Dawnice... Supposed to be DawnShadow but Dawnice was fine... So yah... add me. On freerealms my user is: Dawnshadow033

Is there any free games like woozworld?

I play girlsgogames and there is no download or age limit! There is many games : dress up games doll games and many more!!

Is their any websites like woozworld?


Is there any game better than woozworld?

there is a lot of good ones but none of them beat woozworld i love it!

Does anyone no any pointless but totally awesome online games?

Well a lot of people like Animal Jam and Club Penguin, but there are tons of games like Weeworld and Woozworld, and also tons of games that don't record data but are still fun.

Are there any games like club peguin?

Rune Escape, Fantage, and Star 86 are games that are similar to Club Penguin. Habbo, Petra's Planet and Woozworld are also similar to Club Penguin.

Are there any virtual worlds like Movie Star Planet?

Try Woozworld

Are there any Australian 3-D chat games for kids?

yes, moviestarplanet,woozworld,habbo,clubcooee,gaiaonline

Are there any good games like moshi monsters?