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Area 51

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Q: Are there any games similar to halo in ps2?
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Is there any games just like halo but for ps2?

not really. Microsoft doesnt like to share games. lol. quake is similar i guess but idk if you can get that for playstation

Are there any Halo games online we could play?

No there are not any halo games available to play online. All halo games are in disk form, available on ps2, Xbox, xbox360. Sorry this was no help to you.

Are there any games like halo on ps2?

Well there are a few games that are similar to Halo for it. Area 51 (RATED M) Star Wars Battlefront (RATED T) Star Wars Battlefront 2 (RATED T) (Ill update when I find more) I also am in contact with someone who claims to have a prototype of halo for ps2 released in some areas before Bungie became a Microsoft only company.

Is there a downloadable version of halo 1 ps2?

No the game is not available for PS2 in any form

How do you map halo on the usb to the ps2?

You are not going to play Halo on your PS2 the game was not designed for the PS2

How much will halo for PS2 cost?

Halo has not and will never be released for the PS2.

Is halo on PS2?

As High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) is from Microsoft and PS2 is Sony the answer is No

What do the ps2 and xbox360 have in common?

Plays similar videos games (PS2 less graphics).

Is Halo for PS2?

No. Halo is for PC and XBox.

Is there any bleach games for PS2?

Japanese games have been made for the PS2

Is Halo 2 on ps2?

no, halo is exclusive to xbox

Can you get halo on ps2?

No, Halo is a xbox/pc exclusive.