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Q: Are there any cool 3 D shooter games like UberStrike?
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Are there any cool 3 D shooter games on facebook like UberStrike?

there is brave arms and offensiv combat

Are there any cool 3-D shooter games on facebook like UberStrike?

Uberstrike is a good game but i don't wanna pay money!Offensive combat is good, you can trade your points in for Money 5000=5 etc.And every battle Lucky Draw! And if you come everyday you get money!I've play'd this for 7 days and i get 1000 6 800

What are games like uberstrike no download?

Spiral Knights, Darkorbit, Countersnipe (Flash game); That's all I know of.

Are shooter games more popular than sports games?

There are many popular games, including shooter games and sports games. One is not more popular than the other but recently the biggest games of the year have been shooter games (like Halo).

Any Good Games 4 Xbox 360?

What type of games do you like? First person shooter , RP , Third person shooter , sports?

Is the section 8 game cool?

It depends apon your preference. If you like games that are furistic shooter type, that will take more then one hit to kill, then this game might be a cool game for you. other wise mabye you shool look at the more brand name games like halo wich is kind'ave like section 8 because your in a suit with futuristic guns.

What is an fps?

it stands for "first person shooter" games like halo or fallout

How old do you have to be to play uberstrike?

i think u have to like 14 years old :)

What are other games like gun blood?

there is the game Apple Shooter and if you like being shot at plasma burst

The Metal Gear Solid games are cool?

Yes MGS games are very cool. It is not an average shooter game. It was the game that set the standard for Stealth games everywhere. It requires stealthy tactics over brute strength to beat it. Please buy or rent MGS or MGS: The Twin snakes first because like a book or a movie you will not understand the rest of the series without it.

What are the most played online hunting games?

Some of the most played online hunting games are first person shooter games like 3D Duck hunter ,Modern warfare and Super Sergeant Shooter 3.All available on and offline.

What are many cool games?

Many cool games includge games like Rayman Origins, Skyrim, and Mario Kart. Other cool games might include games like Lego Harry Potter, Lego Batman, and even chess or checkers.