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Type in rodslittlforest to get all sections of the forest!

Type in georgesbotanics to get all the plants!

Type in verasmenagerie to get all animals!

Type in Arctic fox to get the arctic fox!

Type in snowy owl to get the snowy owl!

Type in red panda to get the red panda, and type in panda to get the panda!

Type in ferret to get the ferret!



Many people have needed help for this game, whether it is to make animals like you, or for

animals to come to you.

Getting animals to come to you:

To get animals to come to you, you have to get at least three of their favorite foods in

the habitat. About 2-3 of each. First, you have to go to the map, then look on the bottom

right of the screen and you will see a bear and a leaf sitting on a book. click on it and

you will see all the plants and animals. find your animal and click on it. You will see a

picture of it and a biography of the animal, you will also see all of its favorite foods.

click on one of their favorite foods and search around your map to find that plant. (you

might have to unlock all the plants with georgesbotanics) then if you find it, wait for it

to get butterflies around it to rub it. (by shaking the wii controller on it) Oh and this

might take a while (depending on your patience) for the butterflies to fly around it. And

if the animsl you want is a meat eater, click on the animal it likes to eat, and find what

that animal likes to eat. When all this work is over, (well to me its not THAT much work)

you will have to wait for your animal to come. I usually have all four plants in the

habitat and 2 of each, but its up to you.

Fun with wolves:

I found out you can play fetch with a wolf. (If they have all three hearts for you) All

you have to do is kinda like what you do to get a beaver to build a dam. Just make a tree

fall by rubbing on it for a longer time, about 10 seconds. Then, you rub on either the

stump or the log for about 5-10 seconds. A stick will pop out. Pick up the stick and give

it to the wolf. then move back as far as you want and it will bring it to you.

*Note* - I think you can teach the wolf enough so that you can throw it and they will

bring it to you, but I havent tried it yet. my friend can do it, so I think it is


How to stop an animal fight:

QUICK!! Get some water and put it over a cloud when they are fighting, or just click on the cloud, but that dosent always work... But get some water!!! But remember not to panic!

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Q: Are there any cheats for sim animals?
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