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you can just get points

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Q: Are there any cheat codes for teen biz?
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Are there any cheat codes for Teen biz 3000?

Yes, go to inspect element by clicking the left side of the mouse click on it and change score.CHEAT NUMBER 1 (BEST CHEAT EVER!!!!) - WORKING 5/21/11: Some times you finished your teanbiz article.. Wait for a week or two and do it again! IT WORKS HERE IS HOW IT WORKS:1. Do the article.2. Put it in the trash. (MAKE SURE YOU DID IT!!)3. WAIT... ( 1,2,3 weeks maby..)4. Go to trash.5. Click on the previous article.6. DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!7. FREE POINTS.CHEAT NUMBER 2 ( U DONT GET POINTS BUT IT IS FUN!!):1. CLICK ON ANY ARTICLE2. CLICK ON PUZZLE.3. PRESS NEW GAME4. FIND AT LEAST ONE WORD!!!5. REFIND THE PREVIOUS WORD!!Read more: there any cheat codes for teen biz 3000#ixzz1N3ZhXvzS

How do you hack teen biz 3000?


What are the answers for the teen biz articles?

It depends on the article.

What are some activation codes for kid biz 3000 to get more points?

You Don't Really Want To Cheat Do You? Its all about making your mom and dad happy and that you impress your teacher yourself.

Can bridges save the apes teen biz 3000?

Slap to dha Face

Is teenbiz 3000 dumb?

Yes teen biz is the stupidest thing ever is almost as dumb as Justin bieber and he DUMB

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