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yes there are cheat codes if you go on to it will tell you cheat codes for all the games avialable for DS, including Pokemon pearl.

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Q: Are there any cheat codes for icheat Pokemon Pearl?
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Is there any icheat cheat codes websites?

just go to

How do you get to have cheat codes Pokemon pearl?


Why Cant you use action replay codes on the i cheat?

you cant because they are different cheat systems that means that they are programmed in different ways. that's like saying why cant you play PS3 games on a 360. if you want icheat codes go on the icheat website or if there are codes on the action replay that you havent got on icheat get both

Do they have any cheat codes for Pokemon Diamond or pearl?

Yes. There are cheat codes for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. But, you must have an Action Replay or Gameshark. These devices can cheat for the game. A recommended site is called: They have cheat codes there. So, if you have a cheat device go to that site! There are other sites, look up Pokemon diamond and pearl AR(or any ther device) codes

Does Pokemon Pearl Action Replay codes work on Pokemon Platinum game?

I HIGHLY doubt Pokemon Pearl AR cheat codes will work in Pokemon Platinum =]

Action replay cheat codes Pokemon Pearl?

Most of the Pokemon Pearl AR codes can be found in the website in the related links section.

Pokemon Diamond icheat codes?

Type into google Pokemon diamond cheats and it should help you out from there

How many Pokemon and there in Pokemon Pearl?

493 3 r only by cheat codes

Are there any cheat codes not involving action reaplay for Pokemon pearl?


What are All cheat codes for Pokemon pearl?

A lot of numbers and or letters

R4 cheat codes for Pokemon pearl get arceus?

You can't do it just like that. But you can do an azure flute cheat.

Has anyone tried your i cheat codes for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl yet?