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goto http// type in the game then what you want after. (ex.)

Pokemon diamond ar codes

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Q: Are there any action replay codes out yet for from the abyss for the Nintendo ds?
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Can you put gameboy advance action replay codes on a Nintendo ds action replay?

No,because the GB action replay codes are diffrent.

How do you get darkria without Nintendo events?

Action Replay codes.

How do you use the action replay for your Nintendo DS?

just plug in the aciton replay in the ds and plug a game you want in the action replay add codes from internet use codes from

What is the action replay cord for for the Nintendo DS?

to get codes online or on your computer

How does one use an action replay on a Nintendo DS?

Action Replay on a Nintendo DS can be used to cheat on certain older games with default codes. For newer games one would have to look up the codes and manually input them into the Action Replay device.

What is a action replay on the Pokemon Pearl DS game?

A action replay is a thing that gives you cheat codes on Nintendo ds.

Does the Nintendo DSi Action Replay have the same codes as the Nintendo DS Lite Action Replay?

Nintendo made an action replay for the dsi. There is an action replay for dsi... The INITIAL codelist is different, for many games have come out since the creation of the action replay ds. However, the possible codelists are exactly the same, the action replay DSi is just not compatible with the other versions of the AR

How do you put in the cheat codes in Pokemon Platinum on the Nintendo DS?

action replay

Age of Empires - The Age of Kings action replay codes codes?

Age of Empires is a video game which is generally played on Nintendo DS. Action replay codes can be found on a "cheats" website.

Is there a Nintendo DS emulator that you can use Action Replay DS codes with?

YES!!! All DS EMU's can use action replay cheats

Where do you put ar codes in?

You put it into the Nintendo DS when the Action Replay menu is shown.

How do you download the cheats and codes onto your Nintendo ds?

Either get an R4, or an action replay.