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pitch black warwolf

cant really think of anything else its the same as mirage but a dark

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Q: Are there any Yu-Gi-Oh cards like mirage dragon?
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What is the action replay code to play forbidden cards in yugioh gx spirit caller Like slifer the sky dragon?

you have to beat the game you have to beat the game

What cards can help YUGIOH lightsworn decks other then lightsworns?

Honest, shining angel, judgment dragon, guardian angel joan, beconing light, monster regeeneration and revive cards like monster reborn.

Where to get more spectrobe monster cards?

You can buy packets like that anywhere game cards are sold. (ex. Yugioh, pokemon, magic, any cards like that. The cards will come in little plastic packages. You can buy packets like that anywhere game cards are sold. (ex. Yugioh, pokemon, magic, any cards like that. The cards will come in little plastic packages.

What Yugioh cards are only exclusive through shonen jump?

Usually Rare and powerful ones- like Oricalcos Shunoros, Dark End Dragon, and Arcana Force- The Light Ruler.

What are the top ten Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

there is no top 10 yugioh cards. its about how you use them, but if you could name a specific type of yugioh cards like dragons machines etc.. then i could be of more help

How do you get fusion cards to normal summon in Yugioh duelists of the roses like meteor b dragon black skull dragon or blue eyes ultimate dragon?

As long as you have he two cards for the fusion you have to play someone with that monster and kill it. Graveyard slot now does notmatter go back to your deck construction and reincarnate the tougher of the two or three fusion cards. This will get you the fusion card you are looking for

Are Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon similar?

Pokemon is more like catching and yugioh is just having a deck of cards like poker and battle with them. i love both Pokemon and yugioh but i think yugioh is less childish

How do you defeat the Winged Dragon of Ra and the other Egyptian God cards?

Egyptian God cards, like the "Winged Dragon of Ra", cannot be targeted by Spell, Trap or Monster effects. This includes effects like "Snipe Hunter", "Raigeki Break" and "Tribute to the Doomed". Cards like "Judgement Dragon", "Mirror Force" and "Lightning Vortex" that destroy monsters, but do not actually designate a specific monster to destroy will get rid of Egyptian God cards.The Individual Card Rulings section at will tell you which cards do target monsters and which ones don't if you are curious about a particular card: if you use magnet monsters like Gamma or Alpha, you can backfire Slifer the Sky Dragon's special abillity so it will decrease their attack strength.

What are the three rare cards in yugioh slither the sky dragon and what?

Are you talking about the Egyptian God Cards? There are three, Slifer The Sky Dragon, The Winged Dragon Of Ra, and Obelisk The Tormentor. They are not playable in the actual Card Game, but they are collectible cards. Well in my opinion the Egyptian god cards are so rare, yet so good that they could be banned from it, just like Raigeki, Mirror Force, Exodia (maybe) and more. But they're still really rare that people like to collect them, not play the game.

In YuGiOh can Ghost Rare cards be used in duels?

Yes, Ghost Rare cards are legitimate Trading Card Game (TCG) cards and can be used in duels just like regular cards.

In yugioh forbidden memories where do you get powerful trap cards?

seto, kaiba and pegasus give out really good trap cards like crush card and such.

In yugioh trading cards is sea dragon of darkness have 18000 atack?

There is no such card as Sea Dragon of Darkness. It sounds like a fake version of Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness, whose Japanese name literally translates to Sea Dragon Soldier of Darkness. It has 1800 ATK, anything claiming to have 18,000 is also clearly fake.