Are ghost and roach dead

Updated: 4/28/2022
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ghost is not dead. in the beginning if you listen carefully ghost says, why do we have to wear these FIREPROOF vests. plus, if you look carefully ghost is shot somewhere around the shoulder or the hip by Sheperd.

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Q: Are ghost and roach dead
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Is ghost from modern warfare 2 really dead?

ghost is alive, only roach was set on fire if u watch the clip when it happens u see only the gas dumped on roach not ghost,ghost is going to have his own comic book series, ghost is dead So get owned Zach

Did ghost die in MW2?

Ghost died at the end of the mission where Roach did. He was shot in the lungs and his throat will fill up with blood and he would be dead in 3 minutes tops! Correction: Ghost was shot, but then burned, just like Roach.

Is ghost from MW2 dead?

Ghost was not killed but Roach "your player" was killed. ghost was not killed as he was shot in his rib and the bullet came out from the other side, in the beginning of the mission 'loose ends' he said'why do we have to wear fire prove west," and the gasoline was only spilled on Roach not on ghost. The other clue that ghost is not dead is that 2 snipers were guarding Roach and Ghost,when Shepperd left they would come down and check and would find ghost half-alive. They could have called the rescue team.

Is roach alive in mw3?

SPOILER ALERT (MW2): No Roach is not in Modern Warfare 3 as he was killed by Shepherd in Modern Warfare 2. No dude...he's DEAD, nobody will live from what Sheperd did to Ghost and Roach!

Why did General Shepherd kill Roach and Ghost?

because when roach and ghost got the dsm from makarov's computer, shepherd just wanted the dsm he dint care about ghost and roach that why he killed em , he was just focused on makarov

What characters die in mw2?

The characters that die in Modern Warfare 2 are Roach, Ghost and Shepherd. Though it is believed that Ghost wasn't killed, some people believe he was shot in the shoulder and only Roach was burnt. We might find out in MW3 but we'll have to wait and see! and u can tell that ghost is dead he got burned right beside u so he is probaly dead so if he is dead its not the end of the world. Ghost for sure dies beside you in the area around the estate by getting burned. I really sucks because Ghost is a boss.

Is ghost dead in MW2?

Opinions may wary, but it actually turns out when sheperd's crew throws ghost and roach into the pit, you can see that the bullet wound is actually on the right side and near the right shoulder. (opposite from the heart) Two, only roach gets covered in gasoline and the fire that you see far away on the screen was actually the fireproof suit of ghost or the leg of roach. at the begining of mw2, ghost says... why do we have to wear this fireproof suit? Again opinions may wary.

Who Killed Ghost and Roach?

General Sheperd kills Roach and Ghost. But Soap gives payback and kills Sheperd, even though they trusted eachother.

Call of duty modern warfare 2 who's ghost?

Well no he didnt die,but he got shot on the shoulder and Shepard only burns roach. and infinity ward announced that their making a Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and ghost is the main character.

What happens to roach in modern warfare 2?

Roach and Ghost were both betrayed by Shepperd and shot. Roach survived and died in a gasoline fire set by Shepperd's men.

Is the white guy that plays roach dead in real life?

Yes, the white guy that plays Roach is dead in real life.

Is the white guy dead that played roach in next friday?

Yes, the white guy that played Roach in Next Friday is dead.