Are fx lightsabers real

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2009-11-09 18:57:23

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yes they are

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2009-11-09 18:57:23
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Q: Are fx lightsabers real
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Are there real lightsabers?

No there are no real lightsabers. But there are several videos on YouTube of duels that were animated and there is a collectible called Force FX lightsabers, which look and feel just as heavy as the exact one in the series

Are fx lightsabers kids toys?

Force FX lightsabers are far from childrens toys. They are fairly expensive, and are for serious collectors.

Who first made the Star Wars force fx lightsabers?

The Star Wars Force FX lightsabers were originally made by Master Replicas in 2003.

Where can you buy force fx lightsabers?

Lenny, he sells them out of his moms basement.

Where can you buy a fx lightsaber?

My opinion fx lightsabers are very dangerous and if you eat them then you die :) i like cheese dude

Where can you get the Force FX lightsaber construction set cheap?

They're not really cheap. They're collectibles and are really heavy in order to give us an idea of how heavy the "real" lightsabers are.

Is there anywhere I can buy just the removable blades from Hasbro's Ultimate FX lightsabers?

I don't think so

Where could one purchase genuine FX Lightsabers?

Genuine FX Lightsabers are actually available for sale, but they do come with a pretty hefty price tag of around 120 to 130 dolalrs. If you would like to purchase one, they are for sale on sites such as Ultrasabers, ThinkGeek, and even Amazon.

Are lightsabers real?

No they are not real they are just animated with effects.

Are force fx lightsabers for kids?

Force FX lightsabers are classified as an adult collectible. Although they are an adult collectible, it would be fine to give one to a child, they just need to understand that they are fragile and will break if used too violently. They're mainly or display purposes, but they can take a hit.

Are lightsabers with real blades real?

no but scientists are getting close...

Which is the best place in America to buy star wars force fx lightsabers?

Most likely a comic book store

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