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cousin's because they don't see theythother so much

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Q: Are Mario and luigi bros or cousins?
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Are wario and waluigi Mario and luigi's cousins?

There is no official answer, honestly. All we know is they are Mario and Luigi's "evil counterparts." well Mario and luigi are cousins and waluigi and luigi are brothers Mario and Luigi are brothers... and I highly doubt that Wario and Waluigi are cousins with Mario and Luigi.

What is Super Mario brothers name?

if you mean the name of the bros its Mario and Luigi but if you mean the name of the game its new super Mario bros

Who is playable on Super Mario brothers?

In the original you can play as Mario and Luigi. In New Super Mario Bros DS you can play as MArio AND LUIGI. IN NEW SUPER MARIO BROS WII ITS MARIO, LUIGI, BLUE TOAD, AND YELLOW TOAD.

Who are the super Mario bros?

They are Mario Mario and Luigi Mario from the hit Nintendo game series Super Mario Bros.

Who are the Mario bros?

Super Mario Bros are Mario and Luigi from the Nintendo games like Super Mario bros 1 2 3 Super Mario RPG Super Mario 64 etc Mario are Nintendos mascot and Luigi are Marios brother :)

Are Mario and luigi bros?

yes they are. the first game was called super Mario bros. (idiot)

Is the Mario Bros real?

Yes, in real life there is 2 bros and there names are Mario and Luigi!

How old is luigi in Mario bros?

Luigi is 24 only one year older than Mario

What is Luigi's brother called?

marios brother is luigi and luigis brother is Mario wario and waluigi are there cousins

Who can you play as in new Super Mario Bros 2?

mario and luigi

Mario or Luigi - Which is older?

Luigi isn't in Donkey Kong and wasn't until Mario Bros. so Mario is older Mario-29 Luigi-27

Who are Super Mario Bros?

The older brother is Mario, younger brother is Luigi.