Are Dr Eggman and Shadow related?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes and no. see, dr. genral robotnick created shadow and eggman is dr. genrals grandson. but sense Black Doom gave shadow some of his DNA he kinda wasn't related to him

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Q: Are Dr Eggman and Shadow related?
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Related questions

Is sonic and shadow the hedgehog are they cousin?

No, they are not related. Shadow was created by a relative to Dr. Eggman.

Did Dr Eggman create Sonic?

No! Shadow was created by Eggman not Sonic.

Did Dr Eggman make Shadow?

Gerald Robotnik, Ivo (Eggman) Robotnik's grandfather, created Shadow.

Is Shadow the Hedgehog related to Sonic the Hedgehog?

No, Shadow the hedgehog was created 50 years ago by Dr Eggman's grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik.

Who does Mike Pollock voice as in Sega?

He voices as Dr. Eggman, Dr. Gerald Robotnik (Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog), and Eggman Nega.

Is shadow from sonic x a robot?

No he was created by Dr. eggman's grandfather

Does shadow the hedgehog have a mom?

Shadow the hedgehog does not have a mom, Shadow has a creator named Dr. Gereld Robotnick, The Great Grand Father of Dr. Eggman.

Who is the arch nemesis of Sonic the Hedgehog?

Knuckles (Formerly) Shadow Dr. Robotnik

Does Sonic the Hedgehog have a rival?

Shadow the Hedgehog can be considered to be his rival. His arch-nemesis, however, is Dr. Eggman.

How did Shadow end up on the planet Cascade in the last episode of Sonic X?

Dr. Eggman kept him.

Was shadow the hedgehog created by dr. egg man?

No, he was created by Gerald Robotnik, who (I think) is Eggman's grandfather.

Does dr eggman die?

Shadow kills him in one storyline of Shadow the Hedgehog, but that was a false storyline. In reality, the Doctor is simply too smart to get killed.