Arcanine is it legendary

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Yes and No.

Arcanine was originally created as a legendary pokemon, but he was replaced by Moltres. This is why he is still categorized as 'Legendary' in the generation 1 pokedex. Because this was never fixed, Arcanine's species is 'Legendary'. This doesn't mean Arcanine is a legendary species but it's species is. Like Pikachu's species is mouse, Arcanine's species is Legendary.

But Arcanine is one of the strongest non legendary pokemon. His base stats are 555, and there is only one pokemon with higher base stats who isn't a legendary pokemon.

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Q: Arcanine is it legendary
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How do you get the legendary dogs in silver?

u evolve grothile into Arcanine. Arcanine is a legendary dog Pokemon. U need a fire stone to evolve grothile.

Is Arcanine a legendaryn Pokemon?

Nope. it isn't a legendary.

Which Pokemon is a legendary Pokemon species?

Arcanine is a legendary Pokemon by species (use the Pokedex or Ultimate Handbook).

What is Arcanine's weakness?

Arcanine is a Legendary Fire pokémon. Despite being a legendary, it still has the normal weaknesses. It's weaknesses are (2x): Ground, Rock and Water. However, if Arcanine has the ability Flash Fire it's immune against the Fire type.

What is the best non legendary Pokemon besides Blissey?

if you mean "best" as in, with really high stats, then slaking takes the lead with arcanine following a close second. (Though there have been some discussions on whether arcanine is a legendary or not....they're pretty easy to get though)

What are the name of a tiger legendary Pokemon?

It is marked as legendary, but is only marked. It is not truth. To answer your question, Arcanine. One point is that legendaries don't evolve, but Arcanaine evolves from Growlithe.

What is the most powerful fire Pokemon as in stats and moves which isn't a legendary?

charizard has humongous high stats, arcanine is excellent.

Where can you catch arcanine on Pokemon LeafGreen?

i dont think you can catch one the only way is to catch a growlithe and train it and when you decided what level you want to evovle it use a fire stone on it and your preciouse little growlithe will evolve into the "legendary" arcanine.

Who is the most powerful non lagendary Pokemon?

Slaking is the most powerfull non-legendary pokemon, but he skips every other turn. Dragonite, Tyranitar and Salamence are considered half-legendary so the strongest 100 % non-legendary pokemon is Arcanine (Although is called "Legendary Pokemon" on the pokedex)

What is the best Pokemon on Pokemon XD that is non-legendary?

I would say Agron,Arcanine,Alakazam,Slaking,Metagross, and Scizor.They worked good for me.

What Pokemon base status is higher than Arcanine?

Every legendary Pokémon in the games Every Pseduo legendary (Dragonite Tyranitar Salamence Garchomp Hydreigon Metagross Goodra) Along with Slaking the strongest non-legendary Pokémon Arcanines base stat total is 555

When was Arcanine created?

Arcanine was created in 1996.

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