Aqw how to make fast money?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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go to dwakel or whatever

then do the quests from the robot person and do the ones where you kill the guys that look like astronauts

finish all of those quests and go to battleon and sell all of the stuff

you also get exp from killing the astronaut dwakels too

good luck becoming a millionaire

Also you can go to elemental(/join elemental) and there are always people there. Go to the mana golem and see if someone has a nulgath mini. Click on him and accept nulgath(quest). Fight the golem to get mana energy for nulgath mimni, and tada! You now have 13,000 gold. It also drops like diomonds and tainted gems, and shards. Sell ALL of those. Even more money. Also if you get an unidentified 13, find those swords you can click on and accept the leery contract. Turn in the unidentified 13 and really get 1,000,000 gold. Remember, it is hard to recieve so don't get mad you didn't get the thing after doing the quest 30 times. You can get 1,000,000 every 45 minutes, if your lucky.

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Q: Aqw how to make fast money?
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