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here r some codes: petpet - edrcfv-dgspak-dr68jj havfun - cheext thirst - sasoon aptcay - psworn funpal - physic dgsrck - stinko secret - shizzl Hawaii - lardsi yasmin - thrill tahati christ

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Q: Any other unlockable codes for petz dogz pack?
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What are some cheat codes for Petz Dogz Pack?

=Some cheat codes for this game "Petz Dogz Pack" are:=1.aptcay2.petpet3.thirst4.havfun5.hawaii6.dgsrck

What are the Petz Dogz Pack codes for house designs?

you tipe these passwords

What are the Petz Dogz Pack Cheat Codes to unlock Schnauzers and Poodles?

there r none. you have 2 breed dogz, and gain points.

What are some codes for petz dogz pack?

oceanw,petpet,havfun. thirst Hawaii

Cheat 4 petz dogz pack?

funpal wetvet, and secret are some codes

What are all the codes for petz dogz pack?

petpet havfun thirst aptcay hawaii dgsrck secret wetvet

Petz dogz pack codes?

havfunspeedyshrillthrillvetpetwetpetaptcayfunpaldgzpakoceanwshizzlstinkophycicpswornsasooncheextlardsidumbelpetpetthirstedrcfvsparkystardmrejectbatmandgzrckhawaiichristilovevand i believe that is it... but you can always check (just to make sure) by going to other websites and using the codes i gave you(plus the other ones)btw if you have a moshi monsters add me i am superbluhoo2 (i no that has nothing to do with this but just do it)

Cheat codes 4 dogz pack?

petpet wetvet Hawaii stinko ill add more later (laters)

How do you unlock the German Shepherd on Petz Dogz Pack?

no no no the REAL code is r codes to.havfun thrill thirst

How do you unlock German Shepherds on Petz Dogz Pack?

go to the area were u enter codes and type in: physic........ i finally figured it out!!!

I can't get my dogz my to play with toys on petz dogz pack?

You got to give it time. Soon the dogz will get used to the toys and they will play with them!

Can you get a rottweiler on petz dogz pack?