Any adventure quest type games

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Well there is a couple and they're on the side of the screen on one of the closet possible would be DragonFable. DragonFable is like AdventureQuest but you can move around and it is more fun but much harder to lvl up on.- Joel

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Q: Any adventure quest type games
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Is there any games like Shadowtale?

adventure quest worlds is good adventure quest is more like shadowtale hope this helps :D

Are there any other games that need an account?

yes for example Artix entertainment like: adventure quest worlds dragon fable Mech quest adventure quest there are some really good games that need email and account

Are there any games where you can train and battle alongside a dragon other than Dragonfable?

there is adventure quest, adventure quest world, fight my dragon, the eclipse, death of horror, wizard 101 and i think there is one on adventure quest world +

Is there any online mythical animal games?

If you mean rpg games where you can play as an animal I don't think there are any , but I do know some really good rpg games like Adventure Quest, Dragon Fable and Mech Quest from Battle On games. If you want a mmo rpg game you could play Adventure Quest Worlds or any of the Bigpoint games like Deepolis, Dark Orbit and Arenas of Glory ( there are too many Bigpoint games to type ). I hope this helped you. If not please tell me by posting a message on my profile. From: Warriorscat119797.

Are there any games like Moshi Monsters and Habbo and Club Penguin?

groovy adventure quest, adventure quest worlds,bin weevils, panfu Neopets

Are there any knight games like adventure quest?

DRagon fable, Adventure Quest Worlds, rune Scape, Kingdom of Loathing(not really, it is a browser based rpg), and(going out on a limb)MechQuest

Are there any Games like adventure quest worlds with no downloading?

There sure is is a great website.IT is free and no downloading

Is there any cool RPG games?

there is league of legends, adventure quest worlds, Skyrim, fragoria, forge of empires, and more...

What level do you have to be to do temple of hope in adventure quest?


Is there any game in which you can create new gangs and fight?

veeeeeeeeeeeeeery games like club penguin adventure quest worlds dragon fable {mech quest }no ijust know those

Are there any other games besides adventure quest?

Artix Entertainment has made other games these are the games dragonfable mechquest aq worlds archknight(unfinished) zardwars ebil games and coming soon warpforce

Any free multiplayer online games like runescape?

Mechquest is like runescape and adventure quest combined except it's WAY funner.