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2/18/10 Clue: The couple wasn't happy with their lot because they didn't…

Answer: HAVE A LOT, abbot, elate, hazard, verbal

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Q: Answers to LA Times crossword puzzle for 2-18-10?
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Answers to a science crossword puzzle?

Most of the times the answers are in your textbook.

Where can you find the answers to todays LA times crossword puzzle?

In tomorrow's paper.

Where is the crossword puzzle in the NY times?

on the back

What date did the first NY Times Crossword puzzle get published?

Sunday February the 15th 1942 was when the New York Times ran their first crossword puzzle. They had resisted prior to that date as they thought crossword puzzles were frivolous.

Where can you find the Sunday times crossword puzzle?

In News paper

Where in the New York Times is the crossword puzzle?

The New York Times is one of the most well known newspapers in the world and ready by many. To answer your question though, yes, it does have a daily crossword puzzle.

In what newspapers can I find challenging crossword puzzles?

The New York times has a very challenging crossword puzzle. I also enjoy the one out of the Star-Tribune in Minneapolis. USA Today has a great and challenging daily crossword puzzle. The Seattle Times and the New York Times also have challenging crossword puzzles.

What is the solution to todays la times crossword puzzle?

If you go to the website it will bring up the recent crossword (you can also choose to do past crosswords). Click on the 'Featured Puzzle:" button and then choose to play at Regular skill level. There will be the option of solving either a letter or the entire clue. This won't give you the immediate answers to the entire puzzle, but it's a good way to check your answers

Who creates the New York Times crossword puzzle?

The New York Times crossword puzzle is created by editor Will Shortz. Previous four editors were: Eugene T. Maleska, Will Weng, as well as Margaret Farrar.

What software company has the best crossword puzzle software?

Online crossword puzzles are offered by most newspaper companies. Newspapers such as the LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post and The Guardian offer their readers a daily crossword puzzle. Other online websites include Crossword Puzzles and Reader's Digest, to name a few.

What are the answers to today's LA Times crossword?

That depends on the date of the crossword. Please see the related questions for answers for specific dates.

What is a treebeard?

If you're looking for the answer to the NY Times crossword puzzle, it's "Ent".