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Type into Google acww fish list and it will show you.

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Q: Animal Crossing wild world complete fish list?
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Can you buy fish on Animal Crossing wild world?

no but you can sell fish

What happens when you complete the dinosaurs on animal crossing wild world?

If you have completed all of the fossils, you then have to give in all the fish, bugs and paintings before you get the museum model.

Animal Crossing wild world can you catch a dolphin?

not as far as i no but cheak it out on animal crossing community and down the side there is items and then go on fish

Is Animal Crossing water world real?

All fish on Animal Crossing games are real. The names may be a little off, though. For instance, the football fish is really the Angler Fish in real life.

How do you catch the 100000 bell fish on Animal Crossing Wild World?

no you can't

What is the coelacanth on Animal Crossing?

A coelacanth is a fish that can only be caught when it is snowing or raining in animal crossing. It is caught in the ocean.

How do you know when you caght a fish in Animal Crossing wild world?

You know that you caught a fish in Animal Crossing Wild World by seeing the bobber go down into the water. There will be a...bloop sound and then you press a, and keep pressing it until the fish flies out of the water and tada

What is the smallest fish in animal crossing wild world?

a biterling is the smalest fish in ac ww, you can find it in the river.

How big are arowanas on animal crossing wild world?

The biggest size of river fish.

Can you adopt an animal on animal crossing wild world?

No but if you catch a fish or bug you can put it in your house and it can be like a pet.

How big are stringfish in animal crossing wild world?

They are the biggest fish you can find in the river (in the winter)

How do you get a tire or can on animal crossing wild world?

When you go fishing, you just need to fish out of the water