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check the products in and go to berix about every three hours and he either will give you red pearls or the artifacts of the ancient spear and there are three fragments.

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Q: Ancient spear fragments where do you find them?
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What if your lego network where are the ancient spear fragments?

Berix has the four things you need up for offer, the three fragments of the ancient spear and red pearls. He changes what he gives out every hour, and you can only get four things off of him per day. However, he tells you to "slow down" if you ask an hour later, so just ask once a day and hope for the best.

How do you get Ancient Spear Fragments on MLN since Tarix or Berix no longer has a product page?

go on google and type in tarix's cached product page and then your there.

Location o f spear fragment in grand chase'?

Gather Spear Fragments from the monsters that have gathered between the Marsh of Oblivion and Gaikoz's Castle :>

How do you get the ancient spear fragments on MLN?

go to the my Lego network wiki and type in berix click on the link that says "berixs cached product page then click skip this ad, and then click on the spiky glatorian symbol

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