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Recently I was also searching some kid online games site for making my project on Children hi-tech life. I was searching everything that today's child need. I came across to one site,which names as youtring and there I found lots of kids online game some were much entertaining and knowledgeable.

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Q: An online game where you run a house of kids and you play as the mom online?
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What is the most popular online kids games?

All i know is that Roblox is the third most popullar kids game online. Even I play it

Is Howrse a safe online game?

It is a very safe game I let my kids play on it i have an account on the game myself!

Where can one play Cash Register the game?

A person can play Cash Register the game online. Some online sites that offer the game Cash Register include Just Kids Games, Funbrain and MrNussbaum.

Where can you find a free online game that you can get married and have kids and stuff in?

second life but you have to be sixteen to play.

What is a good suggestion for someone who wants to play an online game where you control a family or a house?

Find the Sims online somewhere... or buy the game.

I am looking for a free online baby game a game were I can have my own kids.?

play runescape, go to, it's hawt.

What is a game where kids can play and talk to each other?

Almost any game you can play online. You just need a microphone to speak to the other players phone a friend game

What online games are there to play?

there is lots of game you can play online .cricketsnookerpoolthousand of game you can play online

Is stick arena online game safe for kids to play?

yes there is nothing wrong with xgenstudios

Where can one find cat games for kids?

When searching online, one will find a variety of games for kids involving cats. Many kids' games involving cats are incorporated with Cat in the Hat. PBS Kids has a free online game for kids to play.

Is there any game where you can have kids but no download?

I don't know what you mean by "kids", but any game that is on a Console, i.e Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, are on game discs and only use download if you play "online"

Can you legally play House of the Dead 4 online for free?

as of now it is aug 20,2010... House of the dead 4 can only be played by emulators, sad to say..there is no PC version of this game, and i think there is no site to play it online..