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I've attached a link to a website that has most/all of them. However do not make an account, as they are NOT a friendly site.

There are numerous. Ganz (being as creative as they are!) must always be thinking up more. When the clothing machine came out, there were about six.

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Q: All webkinz rare clothes you can make on the clothing machine?
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How do you make Webkinz clothes?

You can make clothing at the clothing machine. Anyone Who wants to become my friend on webkinz can. Talk to me if you want to!

How do you make clothing on the clothing machine in webkinz?

You put 3 clothing items in the slots and click the button at the bottom of the machine. I wouldn't do it because it usually makes "patchwork clothing" and wastes good clothes.

How do you make fairy princess ball gown on webkinz clothing machine?

you can't make it because webkinz world is not making it a clothing machine item

How do you make lots of cool clothes on webkinz?

You can go to Polly Jean Collie's clothing shop and buy clothing and then use the clothing machine but all it makes is patchwork stuff.

How do you make the glass slippers in the webkinz clothing machine?

You cant unless your really lucky it just randomly makes clothes and shoes

How do you make cool clothes in the clothing machine on webkinz?

go to scroll down and you can go to other pages with more clothes recipes and more cool info. about webkinz

How do you make clothes on the clothing machine on webkinZ?

Log into Webkinz and get to the clothing store. Buy clothes of your choice and click the clothing machine button. Drag clothes of your choice into the purple circles. Then click the Make It button. Like food, there are many recipes if you want something other than the patchwork outfits. Example: Mix the sparkly pink bow, tan suit pants, and tuxedo shoes for the sparkly silver suit pants.

How do you make clothing for your non virtual webkinz?

You can buy some webkinz xlothes at places that sell webkinz, Or, you can knit clothes for a webkinz

Can you make the webkinz seaside sarong with patchwork pants hat and shirt?

No, sorry- patchwork clothes can't go into the clothing machine. Hope this helps.

How do to make the veretian mask in the webkinz clothing machine?

I don't think you can do that.

How do you make a tie die shirt in the webkinz clothing machine?

search google

How do you make the highland jacket and top on the webkinz clothing machine?

The recipe is unsolved.