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go to and type in game name then click game hints then go to the bottom and click on any faq/walkthrough.

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Q: After you beat the camander in valor lakefront what do you do next?
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Where is the suite key for the woman on the valor lakefront?

right next to the back of the hotel in valor lake place

How do you Find valor lakefront in diamond?

Go to Pastoria City, go to East and go north next the beach, or go to veilstone and go for Route 214.

How do you get the 2 items next to the lady who loss the suite key in valor lakefront on Pokemon platinum?

find places near 7 stars restaurant where you have to use rock climb (about 4 times)

How do you get past Pastoria City in pokemon platinum?

you beat the gym leader and solve the problem with team galactic. they are causing trouble at the safarie zone. then you have to go and beat the next gym leader at a city west from jubalife. you have to ise surf to get there.

Where do you find Exie in Pokemon diamond?

Are you asking Uxie? If yes, it´s in Acuity Lakefront (near Snowpoint City) but first you need to go to Veilstone and go to the Team Galactic´s Base there. You need to fight many Grunts and go win the boss. Next you go to a room free Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit and they go to their homes. Uxie - Acuity Lakefront (near Snowpoint City) Azelf - Valor Lakefront (go to right of Pastoria City and go north and you´ll be there) Mesprit - Verity Lakefront (near Twinleaf Town, the city where you begin the adventure) If i miss anything, sorry, it´s all i know.

How come you can't battle fantina even though you already beat every gym leader up to wake?

if you haven't beaten the team galactic who is next to the great marsh he will tell you to not stalk him but start stalking him if you have done it enough he will battle you after that, go to valor lakefront and Cynthia will come and give you a potion to take away the psyducks blocking the way to celestic city go to celestic city and deliver the thing to the grandma and she will give you something and then you can battle fatina

Is there a way to get past the girl on valor lakefront who standing in front of the door?

Yes. If it's the girl who lost her suite key, then yes. Go the main entrance of the hotel place. Walk right next to it, still being in the area, not the beach. Then use your Dowsing Machine. You'll find the key. Bring it to the girl.

Where is the second sumo slammer card in Chicago lakefront in ben 10 protector of earth?

next to hamoude

How do you get Darkrai without trading or Ar?

you must explore spring caverns next to the lake team galatic drain of water which opens up once you complete the story mode. (EDIT)** dats how u get giratina not darkrai n it is called turn back cave n it is in sendoff spring which is in spring path which is in valor lakefront

How do you get past that guy in valor lakefront in diamond?

You have to have every gym badge up to the the STEEL then go to the top floor of Canlave Library talk to Professor Rowan,Your Rival and Dawn/Lucas then a sailor will come yelling:THERE WAS AN EXPLOSION ATT LAKE VALOR!IT WENT KA-BOOM!JUST LIKE THAT!Then you will gain acess to it.

Can you catch turtwig next to lake valor?

If he is a turle hes probally in the mud

Where is route 222 in Pokemon platinum?

next to lake Valor just go east