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Q: A word that means 'to bring oxygen into the body through the nose or mouth is?
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How does the respiratory bring air into the human body?

Well for starters the air comes in through your mouth. That allows oxygen into the lungs which in turn pumps oxygen into the veins.

What is the function of the mouth and nose in the respiratory system?

they bring oxygen into your body

How is oxygen transported through the mouth?

By inhalation

Where do you obtain oxygen from?

you obtain oxygen from your lungs you could breath through your nose and through your mouth

Oxygen enters your body through your nose and mouth?

yes i does because you breath through your nose and mouth

How oxygen enters your body?

Through your mouth and nose

Where does oxygen enter the body?

Through your MOUTH and your NOSE.

How do chimpanzees get oxygen?

Chimpanzees get oxygen through there lugs and they breath through there nose and mouth. They are mammals and mammals have lungs.

Where is the place where oxygen enters the blood and carbon dioxide leaves the blood?

Oxygen is entered through the mouth and carbon dioxide is released out of the mouth.

When you inhale oxygen enters the body through the what?

mouth and nose

Where does get its oxygen?

the oxygen in your blood comes from the air you breath in . It goes in through your mouth into the lungs and the oxygen gets taken out from the lungs into the cappilaries.

Mouth to mouth or mouth to nose should normally be used for artificial respiration because they are what?

They are the means to get air (oxygen) into the lungs.