A vegetable staring with A

Updated: 4/28/2022
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artichoke artichoke

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Q: A vegetable staring with A
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What is the commercial called where a man is sitting at a computer and he snaps his fingers and his family shows up and does everything for him while he's just staring at the computer?

The man should be known to be a 'vegetable'......

What is the difference in staring and starring?

Starring means staring in a movie, staring means staring at something or somebody.

Why are you still staring at me?

We are not staring at you. If someone is staring at you perhaps they are interested in what you are doing or perhaps they are admiring you from afar.

Is randy orton staring a movie?

no randy Orton is not staring in a movie but john cena is staring in psych and ted disease is staring in marine 2

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Staring to the Sun was created in 2005.

When was Staring at the Cellophane created?

Staring at the Cellophane was created in 1982.

When was Staring at the Ground created?

Staring at the Ground was created in 1999.

When was Staring into the Sun created?

Staring into the Sun was created in 1990.

If you keep on staring at him will he know that you like him to?

he'll probaly know that your staring at him because people can feel when someones staring at him or her i knoiw i can

How do you spell staring as in staring in a movie?

The verb to stare drops the ending E to form staring (intently watching).

This guy stares at me a lot is he interested in me?

Probably. Considering where he is staring. If he is staring at your body then he might be a stalker. If he is staring at your face then he obviously fancise you.

Why would a shy girl look down when a guy is staring at her?

The guy is probably making her uncomfortable, staring at her like that. Staring is rude.