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Q: A stringed instrument beginning with the letter L?
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What stringed musical instrument begins with the letter l?

· Lute

What old stringed instrument begins with the letter l?


Name of a stringed instrument ending in the letter L?

You might be thinking of a Lute, which is sort of the "father" of the guitar.

What Musical instruments begins with l?

Lute - a stringed instrument with a round body and fretted neck. Lyre - another stringed instrument; like a small harp

What stringed instrument starting with L?

Lyre is one.

What are some musical instruments that begin with the letter L?

lyre - an ancient stringed instrumentlute - another stringed instrument from medieval times, and the forerunner to the guitar and banjolauneddas - a Sardinian woodwind instrumentlusheng - a Chinese bamboo pipe instrumentlangeleik - a Norwegian stringed instrumentlaruan - a Chinese stringed instrumentleiqin - a Chinese stringed instrument that is bowed rather than pluckedlirone - a stringed, bowed instrument popular in Italy in the 1600slambeg - a large Irish drumLamellophone or linguaphoneluntang - a xylophone-like instruments from the Philippines

Is there an instrument beginning with the L?

The lyre and lute are two instruments that begin with L.

Name a musical instrument beginning with L?

Lute or Lyre

Insults beginning with the letter l?

insults starting with the letter L

What is a four letter instrument that begins with the letter L?


What instrument begins with the letter l?


What is a instrument that starts with the letter L?