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search; survey

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Q: A six letter word that means a study in depth?
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What word starts with a and means the same as study?

Analyze is a synonym for study. It begins with the letter a.

9 letter word that means to repeat a study?


What is a word that starts with the letter B and means Plants?

The word is botany, meaning the study of plants.

What is a 8 letter word meaning 'self study'?

The word you are looking for is autology.It is pronounced "oh-TOL-ah-jee".It means "the study of oneself".

What is a prefix that means study?

Logos is and it means word, study

What is the first letter of a word for waiting in line?

"Q" is the first letter for "queueing", which means waiting in line or the study of waiting in line.

What word means study at the last minute?

A word that means to study at the last minute is cram.

A word that means measure depth for a crossword?


What is a 5 letter word meaning having depth?


What is the English meaning of the Malayalam word aazham?

It means depth.

What word means study of science?

The word "study" means in science as learn or recognize any notes or scientific reasoning! Hope this helps you learn what study means in science!

What four letter word for lacking depth beginning with t?