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Garage door would not open

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Q: A reason for being late for work that starts with 'g'?
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What is a reason for being late to work that starts with a d?

dead battery

Reason late for work that starts with s?


A reason to be late for work that starts with an a?

auto accident

How can you respond the memo for being late at office?

The best way to respond to a memo about being late to work is to be honest. Explain the reason why you were late and that you will not be making a habit of being late.

What is a reason for being late for work starting with a S?

sicksnowstormslipped in the shower

A reason for being late that starts with an d?

accident airplane was delayed another appointment ran long alarm clock did not work AAA had to change flat tire

Reason for being later for work starts with w?

My wife is ill. I took the wrong turn.

What is the most common excuse for being late for work?

According to a Career Builder survey, traffic is the most common reason for running late.

Explanation letter for late for work?

The reason for me being late every day is because want to send my kids to my parents' house a staying near by.

How do you wrtite email that i am coming to work late tomorrow?

The email should include how late the person will be. One should also have a valid reason for being late. Sometimes a phone call would be better than an email. Do not forget to apologize for being late.

What is a regular outcome of being late for work?

Persistent lateness, without permission or a good reason, could result in you being indisciplined or even sacked.

How do you write to an explanation for being late at work always?

' dear .....(boss) The reason for me being late everyday is because my (family member) is very ill, and i visit her/him every morning before work.... he/she does not have long left to live. kind regards, ............(your name)