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No. some objects you still can buy but it will let you know which one ONLY the members can buy.

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Q: A coin code on club penguin because im not a member and you have no items insept the color red?
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What can you buy if you are not a member on club penguin?

backrounds and the color of your skin and a blue and red puffle

How do you get a color piffle without membership club penguin?

none you need member ship

Why does sensei on club penguin get the grey color?

Because he is a character penguin, they can make him any colour.

Why are Club Penguin bay bees yellow?

Club penguin babies are yellow because they think that it's a cute color and they are also pink, because they think that is a cute color too.

How do you change the color of your hair on clubpenguin?

You cant, because all the different magazines on club penguin come with their own colors. you can get wigs at the gift shop. (only if u r a member) If u r not a member you can not get clothing or wigs or anything like that.

What is the oldest puffle color in club penguin?

red because rockhopper introduced the puffles to club penguin and his was red

How do you get senseis color on Club Penguin?

you need to download penguin storm8 but only you can see the color so if you say im silver there not going to believe you because only you can see the silver color

How do you change the color of clothes on club penguin?

You put your clothes on your penguin and then pick out a color to color your penguin then click your penguin once you put it on then click your cothes 2 times. Its Amazing!

Why is juilliards school mascot a penguin?

Most likely because a penguin's color pattern looks like concert attire (like a tuxedo).

In Club Penguin who is bambadee?

It's now a famous penguin who met Rockhopper before. He was blue in color. Penguins were jealous because of his friendship braclet!

How do you get puffles from Club Penguin?

Well if you were smart then you would see that Club Penguin has a pet shop.If you are a member you can buy any color puffle but I you aren't you can only get the red or blue.Oh yeah and you have to have like 800 coins.Okay then bye!

What color is Rookie on Club Penguin?

The color of Rookie on club penguin is dark green.