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IronTrap SnakeBit Scions And because it amuses me... wikiwiki I'm not much good at names either. But I try.

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Q: A 8 letter alliance name for evony any ideas?
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How do you recruit a soldier on Evony?

you can invite them into alliance by hitting the opition botton and type there lord name in.

How do you change your alliances name on evony age2?

You don't. Only way to change it is to disband the alliance and remake it.

In evony how do you ask people to join youre alliance?

you just copy there user name and put it in invite

How do you invite people in alliance in evony?

If you go on to statistics u choose the player you want and then you go back to the alliance click on options after that click on invite then type his/her name into invite box

What does the name evony mean?

Nothing, it just a random world which the evony staff thought it was good

How do you talk in evony?

There are several different ways to talk to other players on Evony. You can either chat in World Channel (which can be seen by everyone), Alliance Channel (Which can only be seen by members of your alliance), mail an individual person, or whisper to an individual. When you log in to Evony, you will notice a chat box at the bottom of the page. When you first log in, it is always in World Channel. If you would like to chat in this channel, enter your text below the chat box (note: chatting in World Channel costs 1 Speaker, if you do not have any Speakers, you will not be able to chat in this channel), if you would like to chat in the Alliance Channel, look to the side of the chat box and you should notice a row of circles, the forth from the top is the Alliance Channel (if you hover over it, it will say "Alliance Channel") click on this and then enter your text. To send a private message, click "Mail" then "Write" and enter the name of the player you wish to write to. To whisper to a player type /PlayerName or /"Player Name" if there is a space in the player's name.Hope this helps!

How do you get spaces in your Evony name?

To create a name with spaces in Evony, you will need to use special characters. You can try using underscore (_) or dash (-) to separate words in your name. Remember to keep the name within the character limit imposed by the game.

How do you get a name longer then 10 characters in the game evony?

You can't.

How do you get to different servers on evony?

you just click on the servers name

How do you get more than 10 letters in your evony name?

Access Evony through a Facebook account. There's how people create those long player names that also include spaces. You can't create them directly within Evony.

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