4 player ps2

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you buy the PlayStation or third party multi-tap you can play with 4 players on a playstation 2.

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Q: 4 player ps2
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Does Conflict Global Terror on ps2 have 4 player co-op offline?


What is multitap for PS2?

The multitap allows for more than 2 player to play on a PS2. It plugs into a PS2 like a controller, but allows up to 4 player to play from one controller port. Prices vary depending on model and type of multitap.

How will multitap work?

it lets you play 4 players for a 4 player game. but it only works with the old ps2

When will gta 4 be in ps2?

It will not be released for the PS2

When will sly 4 be released in ps2?

Sly 4 will never be released on PS2

Is GTA 4 is in PS2?

No it is not available for th PS2

Does Call of Duty 4 for ps2 have multiplayer?

What Call of Duty 4 for the PS2. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is not for the PS2 see related links

Will sly 4 king of thieves be on the ps2?

Sly 4 will not be out on PS2 unless the PS2 sly 4 petition is signed. Sly 4 will not be called king of thieves it will be called power of thieves

Is grand theft auto 4 on ps2 in the US?

No it is not on the PS2

Will rachet all 4 one be on ps2?

No it is not coming out for the PS2

Is there going to be Guitar Hero 4 for ps2?

yes there is going to be a guitar hero 4 for ps2

When does sly 4 come out for PS2?

it doesnt it comes out 4 Ps2 sorry:( only ps3