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Cause it is

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Q: Why does fast frozen food taste better than slow frozen food?
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Is frozen food better than fresh food?

In my opinion Fresh Food beats frozen by a MILE.Fresh food does not have that frozen taste after you cook it.If fish, Yes, it is better frozen :)

Which one is better fast food or frozen food?

My opinion is that fast food is better than frozen food. : sorry, but i would have to disagree with this comment. "my opinion.. fast food". : Have you checked the calorie intake and the nutritional value for both? or you are saying this....just cause...

Do frozen food lose their taste?


Does frozen fast food pizza taste better than restaurant pizzas?

No because Pizza Hut/Pizza Express use this chemical that is addictive and tastes nice. YUM:-P

Why does fast food taste so much better then home cooking?

I suppose fast food is more salty and full of fat.

What was fast food 50 years ago?

It was pretty much the same, but seemed to taste better.

Why do Americans think that fast food is better then frozen food?

Those Americans who think that fast food is better, probably think so because it's easier and quicker than defrosting and cooking the frozen foods. In addition, fast food often has an extremely high fat and salt content, and people tend to crave fat and salt in foods.

Why do Americans eat a lot?

Come eat a lot of fast food because it taste more better then heather food:)

Do fast food places cook fresh food or heat up frozen?

They heat up frozen food.

Differences of Fine dine in and fast food?

Fine dine: .has fancy seats and they collect your food when you're finished. .cleaner .better for you Fast food: .has a drive thru .food is quickly put together .the food is all frozen

Why fast food restaurants are so popular?

They are fast, cheap, and taste good.

Doe food taste better when you eat it with your eyes closed?

yes it scientifically is proven that food taste better with your eyes closed.

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