Is wine from 1987 still good?

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There is no single right answer to this. It depends upon the vintage and how the wine has been kept. In general the cheaper the wine the less well it will keep over time. Most cheaper wines would probably not be good at 25 years of age. Good vintages of known origin and which are considered "fine wines" should be good if stored correctly for the whole time. These would be far more expensive and more likely to have been sold through a dealer than a supermarket or bottle shop. If the bottle has a cork then it should have been stored on its side continuously to allow the cork to stay moist and seal out the air. If the cork has dried out it has also shrunk and allowed air in which will slowly start to affect the wine's quality. There are probably no screw-cap wines form 1987 of sufficient quality to last 25 years and remain drinkable.

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2013-03-18 10:48:06
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Q: Is wine from 1987 still good?
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